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About Jisc JournalArchives

Jisc Journal Archives brings together over 600 journals from 8 major publishers with material spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, encompassing a wealth of subject areas. The journals can be searched or browsed and all articles can be downloaded as PDFs. The following publisher archives are included:

Brill Journal Archive Online Part 1 (Vol 1 to 1999)

Over 50,000 articles from more than 80 journals published by Brill, Martinus Nijhoff and VSP prior to 2000.

Part 1 includes journals from the 19th and 20th century, usually starting from volume 1 issue 1 and going up to the last issue published in 1999. The collection covers a range of subject areas including humanities and social sciences, international law and human rights, as well as biology and science.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Cambridge Journals Digital Archive (1827 – 1996) *NEW – Humanities and Social Sciences *

Over 350,000 articles from more than 171 journals published by Cambridge University Press, comprising the back volumes of all available Cambridge titles to volume 1 issue 1, with coverage starting from 1827 up to approximately 1996. There are three specific subject collections:

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical (available in Jisc Journal Archives since February 2012)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences, Part 1: Economics History Law Politics and International Relations (*NEW* - available in Jisc Journal Archives from April 2013)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences, Part 2: Anthropology and Archaeology, Asian Studies, Classics, Music, Drama, Language and Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion (*NEW* - available in Jisc Journal Archives from April 2013)

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Institution of Civil Engineers Virtual Library Archive (1836-2001)

Incorporating every paper published by the Institution of Civil Engineers between 1836 and 2001, comprising over 200,000 pages providing a comprehensive civil and structural engineering archive of internationally renowned titles.

Specific subject areas covered include architecture, the built environment, building studies, contstruction, environmental studies, land management, property management, planning, transportation and urban design.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Institute of Physics (IOP) Journal Archive (1874-1998)

Over 110, 000 articles from more than 50 journals published by the Institute of Physics between 1874 and 1998, providing a key research resource for the physical sciences.

Spanning over 800 volume years and covering the core subject areas of: applied physics computer science, condensed matter and materials science, general physics, high energy and nuclear physics, mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical physics, measurement science and sensors, medical and biological sciences, optical, atomic and molecular physics, physics education and plasma physics.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Periodicals Archive Online - Jisc Collections Selection (1891 – 2000)

Over 288,000 articles from a subset of 80 journal backfiles published between 1891 and 2000 from the Periodicals Archive Online collection.

Covering a range of subject areas including Arts, Business, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology and the Social Sciences.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Oxford Journals Archive and Archive Upgrade (Oxford University Press) *New – upgrade included*

Oxford Journals Archive contains over 3 million articles from over 140 prestigious journals published by Oxford University Press between 1849 and 1995. Each title has been digitised from volume 1 issue 1 to the final issue in 1995.

There are five subject based archives included:

  • The Humanities Archive: the largest of the OUP archives and featuring the oldest articles, it provides a valuable research resource for those studying literature, philosophy, religion, art and music.
  • The Law Archive: including key papers on international law and legal studies and specialist areas such as human rights, medical and environmental law.
  • The Medicine Archive: key titles for both clinical and research areas including fields such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, epidemiology, anaesthesia, rheumatology and public health.
  • The Science Archive: journals encompassing life and biological sciences, including molecular and computational biology, mathematics, statistics, physics and computing.
  • The Social Sciences Archive: covering fields such as economics, business history, global development, religion and social politics.

Oxford Journals Archive Upgrade contains an additional 32 OUP journals that have been digitised since the original archive was purchased by Jisc Collections in 2006. (*NEW* - archive upgrade available in Jisc Journal Archives from April 2013).

For the journal titles included see the browse page. Notes and Queries is listed separately on the browse page.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Journals Archive (1841-2004)

Over 238,000 peer reviewed articles of ground-breaking chemical science published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and its forerunner societies, between 1841 and 2004. Subjects covered include biology, biophysics, energy and environment, engineering, materials, medicine, physics and chemical sciences.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

Taylor & Francis Geography, Planning, Urban and Environment Online Archive (1885 to 1996)

Over 20,000 articles from the backfiles of 28 journals published under the Routledge imprint until 1996.

Providing a wealth of resources in environmental and architecture studies, geography, planning studies and urban studies, it includes a number of journals affiliated with organisations such as the ‘Journal of Architecture’, published jointly with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

For the journal titles included see the browse page.

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